Clouds & Skies - Home & Away

At times the sky becomes the subject in its own right rather than a supporting component of the overall image. The sky even delivers its potential wherever I am, so, in addition to images from 'wherever I am' I've started a sub-collection of sky images taken from my own home. Or more specifically, from within a couple of hundred yards or so of my home near Evesham. Occasionally I need to move a short distance outside of my garden (yard if you prefer) to avoid an intrusive tree or building.
Home Skies portfolio Recently I've concentrated on making my sky images in monochrome. These were all taken within a short distance of my home. Away Skies portfolio What links all of these images, apart from their being of the sky, is that they are not taken from my home. They are anywhere from between a few hundred yards from where I live to wherever in the world I've visited.
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